For whom is Fellows Court Named?
Following World War II, there was a severe housing shortage for soldiers returning from the War. Most of the housing stock in Elmhurst was single-family homes. William Fellows was an Elmhurst alderman 1934-1945 and Elmhurst Mayor 1945-1948. He was instrumental in getting the St. Charles West Apartments and co-ops built. Under William Fellows' leadership, the City of Elmhurst re-zoned a 21-acre site at St. Charles Road and West Avenue and worked with the FHA and a private developer to build the multi-family complex. A municipal committee reviewed applications, giving preference to veterans and teachers. Mayor Fellows died while in office in January 1948. When the road through the housing development opened in August 1948 there was a brief ceremony to dedicate the street as Fellows Court in memory of Mayor William Fellows.

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2. For whom is Fellows Court Named?
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