Clue Game Summer 2020


The results are in and we have a winner from our Elmhurst Clue game! Maddie (age 5) and her family submitted the correct answers for our August Clue game drawing. They correctly guessed that the culprit was Dastardly Dan (AKA our curator, Dan Bartlett) who used the screwdriver to “break” the Schoolhouse window and then hid the Schoolmarm’s pointer stick at the Elmhurst Quarry. Such a dastardly deed!

Dastardly Dan was confronted by his accuser last week at the Glos Mansion where he confessed to the crime and asked everyone's forgiveness. Said Dan: “I am sorry I broke the schoolhouse window and took the Schoolmarm’s pointer stick. I needed a good, pointy stick for toasting marshmallows. I realize now what I did was dastardly and I should have either found a different stick or asked permission to use the pointer. From now on, I promise to be less villainous.”

Maddie received an EHM tee shirt and other museum goodies and was delighted with the first place win. Congratulations to Maddie and thanks to the more than 50 groups who participated in Elmhurst Clue!